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And another man to help the dream come true.

It all started with

The Long Rider.

One man on a mission

A Quote from Glen:  The greatest thing for me when I ride is that it requires total concentration. It is just the road, my bike, and me. There is no tomorrow or yesterday, just the moment and what is around the next bend in the road. As a Zen Master would say, it is "living in the now". You get to live in the moment, if only for a little while, and it is truly blissful!.

The Long Riders, LLC

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As the years have gone by, thousands of people have joined our audience on Facebook to follow what has become the club.


The Long Rider's mission is to ride to new adventures, by putting together motorcycle expeditions to fun, challenging, and exotic places. We enjoy meeting new people along the way, experience new cultu​res, geography's and share all of it with you all in the process.

Come join us in the adventure.